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#1 Bugs and problems » Accessing playlist node crashes connection and gives SQL error on host » 2020-12-15 06:27:03

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I set up a fresh install of MmRemote Version 2.7 server on a Windows 10 Professional system running MediaMonkey Gold and activated Bonus features in MmRemote.  Everything seems to work great except when accessing the playlists node from two separate android devices  whereupon the playlists never load, the connection drops for around 20-30 seconds, and I receive the following MediaMonkey error on the host:

There was a problem querying the database: Error executing SQL statement "DROP TABLE_TempPlaylistContent_67

The final number changes increasing by a random amount with each subsequent crash until I restart Mediamonkey on the host then it will start over at 1.  The quote mark in the error is not closed.

I did receive a warning on both android devices upon installation that they ran a newer android version than was supported.  Both devices are Samsung Android Version 10, One UI Version 2.5.  The Galaxy S10 is on kernel 4.14.117 and the Galaxy Tab s7 is on kernel 4.19.81-19839172.

Here is what I pulled from the log file at the time of one of these failed requests:

637435846258494339_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Finished handling command after 210.5636 ms._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846269935382_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got receive callback from 0_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846270205458_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got from : GetLibraryContents(); valid: True, rns: False_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846270515492_IsepI_ReqTrans_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got request: GetLibraryContents(); valid: True, rns: False_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846270785466_IsepI_ReqTrans_v7_IsepI_1_IsepI_Request redirected to ReqTrans_v7._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846392333140_IsepI_Controller_IsepI_1_IsepI_MediaMonkey is running, attempting to connect._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846870915390_IsepI_Server_IsepI_2_IsepI_KILLED command after 60039.9898 ms._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846871193993_IsepI_ComTrans_IsepI_1_IsepI_Sent: 55 bytes._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846871489078_IsepI_ComTrans_IsepI_1_IsepI_Sent: {"cv":12,"sv":"2.7","s":1,"e":"Command timeout error!"}_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846871759090_IsepI_ComTrans_IsepI_1_IsepI_Sent: 5 bytes._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846872039082_IsepI_ComTrans_IsepI_1_IsepI_Sent: <EOF>_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846872309291_IsepI_Request_IsepI_2_IsepI_RequestError: 'Command timeout error!'._IsepI__IsepI_
637435846872569291_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got receive callback from 0_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846872849097_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got receive callback from 0_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846873139102_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got receive callback from 0_IsepI__IsepI_
637435846873409091_IsepI_Server_IsepI_1_IsepI_Got from : GetAlbumArtAsBytes(17011.-, 0, ); valid: True, rns: False_IsepI__IsepI_

Any ideas?

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