What are the bonus features?

Since donations were pretty rare, and I’m actually losing money on this project, I decided to implement some specific features users were asking for as a kind of ‘thank you very much indeed’ to the people deciding to make donations. As with the normal donations, you may choose what you want to pay for the bonus features yourself. NOTE: No features that has been free will ever be changed to bonus features. The bonus features will not be essential for the use of the remote, and are there only as an incentive to support the development.

The bonus features will be stuff I don’t think is essential for the remote itself, but still makes it a better product overall. The following bonus features are implemented, and will be a part of the next update for the remote:

  • The computer menu - Close/open MediaMonkey, turn the screen on/off, put the computer to sleep, hibernation, shut it down, restart it, or wake it up (Wake-on-lan).
  • Widgets - A large widget that gives you direct access to most of the remote controls right from your Android home screen.
  • The permanent notification - A permanent notification in the Android notification area that gives you an instant overview over the currently playing song, and allows you to open the remote.
  • Lock screen controls - Lock screen controls that allows you to control your music without unlocking the phone.
  • Homescreen shortcuts - Allows you to create homescreen shortcuts for every item in your Library. This means that you can start playing your favorite album simply by clicking a shortcut on your homescreen!
  • Lyrics - Searches for lyrics for your songs. Can be configured to use the MiniLyrics plugin in addition to searching online.

There will be more features in future updates, both free features and bonus features (once you’ve bought the bonus features, you’ll receive every future bonus feature too).