Which intents/actions/extras does it support?

If you don’t know what this means, you can just skip this question. Nothing important here! You can send intents to the app by starting it with custom ‘Extras’. Supply an extra named ‘ACTION’. The following actions are supported:

  • net.erlenddahl.mmremotefree.widget.WidgetBase.MEDIA_PLAY_LIBRARY_NODE: Start playing something. This is used when creating homescreen shortcuts, and requires the additional Extras*: LIBRARYNODE_ID and LIBRARYNODE_TYPE.
  • net.erlenddahl.mmremotefree.service.WidgetBase.MEDIA_PLAYPAUSE: Toggles play/pause.
  • net.erlenddahl.mmremotefree.widget.WidgetBase.MEDIA_STOP: Stops playback.
  • net.erlenddahl.mmremotefree.widget.WidgetBase.MEDIA_NEXT: Starts playing the next track.
  • net.erlenddahl.mmremotefree.widget.WidgetBase.MEDIA_PREV: Starts playing the previous track.