How do I install test versions?

If your have been talking to me about testing a new release, you’ve probably gotten a link to the test client, and/or a link to the test server:

Installing the server: If it is an installation, just run it as usual. If it is a zip file, just unpack it anywhere you want. If you’re not replacing your current version, please make sure that you are in fact running the test version, and not the old version you had installed.

Installing the client: Open the given client url on your phone, and the usual app installer will pop up. Note: Some Android users needs to allow app installs from ‘Unknown sources’ (outside of Google Play, that is) in order to install the test version. To do this, you need to find the ‘Unknown sources’ setting, and check it. It is usually located in Android Settings => Application Settings => Unknown Sources, or in Android Settings => Security => Unknown Sources, or in Android Settings => Developer => Unknown Sources. Or something similar; Google ”[your device] unknown sources” for more help.

When testing new versions, please note that you may experience bugs I haven’t discovered yet. If so, please tell me about it, so that I can fix it before releasing the update to everyone.