What's the difference between MediaMonkey, MediaMonkey Android, MMRemote, and MMRemote Server?

  • MediaMonkey (MM) is a media player that can manage and play your music. It runs on your Windows PC, and plays your music through any speakers connected to the PC.
  • MediaMonkey Android (MMA) is the Android version of MediaMonkey, which runs on your phone, and plays the music files you have on your phone through any speakers connected to the phone.
  • MMRemote4/MMRemote5 is the remote I have made. It runs on your Android phone or tablet. It cannot play or stream your music, it can simply remote control MediaMonkey if you have it installed on your PC. It displays the currently playing track’s info and offers basic media controls, saving you from walking to the PC.
  • MMRemote4 Server/MMRemote5 Server is the small program that you must install on your PC in order to communicate with the MMRemote on your phone. The server acts as a bridge between MediaMonkey on your computer and MMRemote on your phone.