Remote control your MediaMonkey

You won't ever have to get up from your couch to change your music again.



The MMRemote is a remote control app for MediaMonkey, a popular media player for Windows. Both MMRemote apps (and the server application) are made by a single hobby developer not affiliated with Ventis Media (the people behind MediaMonkey).

The remote itself runs on most Android devices, both phones and tablets. I use MediaMonkey and MMRemote myself almost every day, and have worked on these apps since 2011. While the update frequency is a bit lower nowadays, I have no plans to stop.

Playback control

Control your music with all normal playback controls, including volume and balance sliders and basic equalizer settings.

You can also set a sleep timer, and use the computer menu for basic Windows actions.

Now playing

Add and remove tracks from the playing queue, randomize the current queue, or drag and drop tracks to re-order them.

You can also import from or export to playlists in your library.


Browse all your music by artist, album, mood, rating, and so on. Perform actions on a single track or folder, selected ones, or all.

You can also view track information and lyrics (if available).

MMRemote4 or MMRemote5?

If you're using MediaMonkey 4, you need MMRemote4. If you are using MediaMonkey 5, you need MMRemote5. That's it! The apps are mostly identical on the outside, but the insides are very different, because MediaMonkey 4 and MediaMonkey 5 are so different.

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The media control tab.


MediaMonkey 4MediaMonkey 5

With the MMRemote5 app on your phone and the MMRemote5 server on your computer, you can remote control MediaMonkey 5 (running on the same computer).

Other download alternatives

NOTE: The server requires .Net "Framework 4.8 or newer. This is usually installed on all Windows computers by default, but if you don't have it, you can download it by clicking here.