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#1 2016-12-20 20:36:44


Add to Playlist

First off, just started using this and it looks great!  Easy installation and set up, thanks!

The main feature I wanted was the ability to add tracks to playlists while away from the computer.  This does this as advertised, however when I click Add to Playlist it shows ALL my .m3u files.  So I'm having to wade through literally 800-ish m3u's to get to the dozen or so actual MM playlists I'm looking for.  Any way around this?


#2 2017-01-09 11:10:07


Re: Add to Playlist

Hi there!

That's because MediaMonkey knows about all of the .m3u files, and reports these as playlists when the remote asks for a list of playlists. I don't think there is a simple way to get around that, other than move the .m3u files if you don't want to use them anyway. Or maybe name your playlists in such a way that they are sorted to the top of the list.


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