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#1 2016-12-12 03:52:55


Can't find server when using hotspot

I just installed the latest versions of MMR and MMRS. Everything works perfectly when I use my home WiFi network. It's awesome!

But I'm a DJ who has to work away from home. In that case, I'd like to use my Android's Hotspot as the WiFi network. When I try this, MMRemote can't find my server. 

I get no messages about Firewalls. And I've changed one of the Firewall rules so it passes anything that has to do with MMR or MMRS.

I'm stuck. Any ideas?


#2 2016-12-14 07:55:51


Re: Can't find server when using hotspot

Hi there!

It should work, as long as the computer and the phone is connected to the same network. If you can't make it work on the hotspot (firewalls would be my first guess, but it looks like you have tried that), maybe you could try using the mobile network? (for example 4G)

The important thing is that both of them needs to have some kind of direct connection to each other. As long as you make sure to open firewalls (and ports if you're going through a router), it should work.


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