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#1 2015-11-15 09:34:09


Support for Audiobooks

The big thing with audio books is to remember how far you got in the book the last time, so when you return to the book and resume it remembers where you got to.

Really this is a good feature for any thing that plays for a long time. A song that plays for 3min, who cares? But an audio book, or a podcast that can take an hour an episode, you want to know how far you have gone.

So I would like it organized so that

1. Each podcast or audiobook has all episodes in one folder
2. Upon return to the folder playing can begin from the last track played and on the track from the position that was last played.

This is needed for each folder as you may be listening to a number of books or podcasts "simultaneously" and want to remember how far you get.

Windows media centre has this "remember playback" position function for all the recorded tv I have. When you plays a recorded TV show it asks, should you plat or should you resume if it has been played before. (And the third option is to reset and play from the beginning if you want to)

The excellent "music folder player" app for android has this feature also.




#2 2015-11-18 10:23:59


Re: Support for Audiobooks

Hi there!

Sorry, but this would have to be a feature in MediaMonkey, not in the remote. You can probably ask them over at .


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