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#1 2015-10-01 12:06:34


I see deleted albums in albums list


I have a little problem with MMRemote. In the list of albums it appeared previously deleted or overwritten albums. I tried to solve this two days, but unsuccessfully. The desktop application in windows is all right, tags are ok. The desktop application have total of 364 albums, however MMRemote in my android showing something over 500. I do not know from which directory MMRemote takes data. I enclose a picture. here:

Many thanks. This app is cool smile


#2 2015-10-02 15:24:18


Re: I see deleted albums in albums list

Hi there!

First of all, please note that "the desktop application" (MediaMonkey) is not made by me. It's a separate product made by Ventis Media. I have only made the MMRemote Server and the MMRemote app.

The MMRemote app takes it data directly from the MediaMonkey application running on your PC. The people who made MediaMonkey also made a system for getting information and sending commands, which is what my remote app does. So my remote stupidly reads the data MediaMonkey sends it, and does not know which albums that are actually deleted. So this is a bug on the MediaMonkey side, not on my side. Probably something that went wrong when you deleted the albums, or maybe MediaMonkey stores information in case you want to add them again later.

Anyway, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about this. Rescanning the library in MediaMonkey, or possibly adding the albums and deleting them again might fix the problem. I suggest you try the MediaMonkey forum at


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