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#1 2013-06-05 23:11:08


Please add the ability to play a Media Monkey Library from a phone microSD card.

Hi Erlend

I think you should write/port MMRemote for Android so it becomes a player that can play a Media Monkey Library local on the phone microSD card. The program would be like PowerAMP or MediaMonkey for Android, but because you actually know how to write useful apps it would be better than either.

Basically it would function pretty much like MMremote but it would play local files on microSD and display Mediamonkey ratings, mood, tempo and all the other nodes.

Despite having millions of users, the devs on MediaMonkey and PowerAMP just don't get it that more and more people want to carry a large music collection with them on their phone.
I keep my entire collection on microSD.

When you have a lot of tracks you need to be able to see ratings in the library view so you can easily pick the very best tracks to play when you browse the library.

MMremote as it is, is the only player I know that does this.
Many can display the rating of tracks currently playing but that is of very limited use.

I think you are the only dev up to the task should you choose to do it.



#2 2013-06-08 11:47:24


Re: Please add the ability to play a Media Monkey Library from a phone microSD card.

Well, thank you for your confidence in my abilities! It's certainly an interesting project, and I have considered it, but my conclusion so far is that I want to make the remote "perfect" (as good as I can make it, that is) before I start any other projects. I don't think I should expand my focus too much too soon, but possibly in the future. wink


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